DIY: Silver Glitter Wine Bottle Vases

Plain Wine Bottles For DIY Centerpieces

Clean bottles set to dry

White Primer Wine Bottles DIY Centerpieces

Bottles with 1 Coat of Primer

Silver DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces

After 2 coats of Primer, spray with Rust-Oleum Hammered Finish (could not find the exact bottled I used online) – similar Hammered finish

Silver Painted Wine Bottle DIY Centerpieces

Silver bottles after 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of silver

Silver Glitter Wine Bottle DIY

Spray glue, then shake loose glitter onto bottle before glue dries

Silver Glitter Wine Bottle DIY Centerpieces

Finished bottles!

I’m super excited about presenting my first DIY on the blog! Of course, I cannot take all the credit and I was inspired by this Pin. I followed the instructions on the link, with a few minor changes and additions. ┬áHere is exactly what I did:



  • Soak empty bottles in warm soapy water for an hour to remove labels. I also used a scrub brush to assist in removing excess paper and glue. You do not have to get every little bit off since you will be priming them. One note on this, a few of my bottles had a metal cap near the top of the bottle. I did not take these off, expecting the primer and paint to hold them in place, but, in the process of arranging flowers, a few did twist, cracking the paint in a few tiny spots. It was not noticeable once they were completed, but I would attempt to cut these off next time.
  • Let bottles dry, then lay out plastic tarp in a well ventilated area with bottles spaced at least 10 inches apart - you need enough room to maneuver around the entire bottle with your spray cans.
  • Start with your White Matte Primer. Follow the direction on the can. I used 2 coats, with 45 minutes - 1 hour between coats. Let dry overnight. Bottles will not be completely white all around. I had a few darker and lighter spots. Also, I did not lift my bottles off the plastic to get the bottoms, just sprayed as low as possible.
  • Time for your Silver spray! Again, follow directions on the can. I used 2 coats, with 45 minutes - 1 hour between coats. Let dry overnight. I really like the textured spray because it does not have to be perfect to add a little extra dimension.
  • Now, the fun part, GLITTER!! This one was a two person job and my awesome grandma was a huge help! I sprayed a small amount of glue (you do not want it too heavy because it gets clumpy) over one section of the bottle (think a 1/3 sliver at a time), focusing on the lower 2/3 of the bottle. My grandma sprinkled Iridescent Glitter and Silver Glitter. I really like the dimension that the two glitters give. If you want them really blingy, use only silver, if you want them more shimmery, try more iridescent. We repeated 3-4 times until the entire bottle was covered to our liking.
  • A few notes on the glue and glitter. This spray glue is incredibly sticky! If you touch it to the plastic while still wet, it sticks and gets stringy and clumpy when you try to pull it off. We tried rolling the bottles in glitter sprinkled onto the plastic and for this reason, it did not work!
  • Also, we did not add any glitter to the top 1/4 of the bottles. I just really liked the way it looked like a glitter burst from the bottom, and it made the bottle easier to handle. But, you could surely give the whole bottle a good dose of glitter and they would look great!
  • This is where the original tutorial I found ended, and the bottles looked great! Unfortunately, when we started arranging the flowers in them the night before the shower, we learned that the glue is not permanent when it dries, so, little drops of water took the glue and glitter right off. Also, we were losing a lot of glitter from just moving the bottles around.
  • After some furious 2am internet searches, I discovered Krylon glitter sealer spray. At 9am when Michaels opened the day of the shower, we picked up 2 cans of it and went to town. I only had time for one coat that day, so my bottles were still losing a lot of glitter in the travel. But, I plan to redo the glue/glitter step, the seal with 2 coats of the Krylon sealer spray to extend the life of my bottles.
  • And, there you have it!! In all, I would estimate the project would take about 1 and 1/2 hours of work each day over the course of 4 days for the finished product. Drying time is definitely what makes this a time consuming project.

As for the actual floral arranging, my mom is amazing at arranging flowers! Like I said in my last post, I wouldn’t have pulled the whole thing off without her! We intended to do 4 tables, 3 bottles per table (2 large, 1 beer), with each of the 3 bottles having a different combination of flowers. The roses and purple stalk were our focus, so 1 large bottle featured a rose, the other the stalk. The larger rose bottle was accented with both lisianthis and wax flower. In the other larger bottle, we used 2 stems of stalk with 3 stems of curly silver ting ting. It really was just trial and error with our combinations. Because we ordered a few extra roses and stalk just in case we broke any, we had an uneven number roses and stalk left after finishing the bigger bottles. Instead of doing only lisianthks and wax flower in the beer bottles, as originally planned, we split the roses and stalks among the beer bottles with 2 featuring roses, 2 featuring stalk, both accented with the remaining lisianthis and wax flower. I created the displays at my parents’ house and traveled with them in empty wine boxes we picked up from the grocery store (we had to find out the day they discarded them and ask them ahead of time to save a few for us), with 6 bottles in each box to keep the flowers from being crammed. One note, we did a trial run several weeks earlier with old flowers the florist was going to throw away (and gave us for $1) to make sure we actually liked the combination and to help us estimate how much we needed to order. I’m really glad we did to give us an idea, though, we did veer in a little different direction once we had our final flowers in hand.

I hope you liked my first DIY post! I can’t wait to recycle these and use them for the holidays! If you give this project a shot, please feel free to email me at: with any questions you might have. Or, if you have any other tips or tricks, I’d love to hear about them! I’ll be back next week with the full tutorial for the glitter wine glasses…and some outfits! Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!