Camel, Pink, and Plum for Fall…or Winter

pink with camel cardigan and jcrew necklace

plum crops with camel cardi and pink
tan cardigan with pink tank and necklace

plum pink and camel

Cardigan: B.P. (different colors)  – similar here, love this style, or splurge here or here; Tank: Trouve – similar here; Pants: Halogen – similar here or here; Pumps: Sam Edelman – pointed-toe version or similar here; Necklace: J.Crew – similar here or fun option; Earrings: J.Crew – similar here or love these; Purse: Coach – similar here or here

Sneaking in before the weekend! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I’ve been busy making jewelry and had a recent visit to see my sister, parents, and niece. These outfit photos were actually taken back in October but I’ve been keeping busy and focusing on other aspects of life, which I’ll get to more below. But first, my hair has gotten so much longer since these pics were taken! It is crazy what two months can do! And, its wavy and curly now! So, hopefully I’ll get some new outfit photos up soon to show off my new ‘do! As for this look, although I wore this in the fall, the rich plumcolored pants, cozy camel sweater, and sparkly necklace would be perfect for a holiday gathering as well.

So, an update on life post chemo: I’m doing really well! My follow up visits in November went well with no visible signs of cancer! Can I get an amen!! My doctors have decided to do fewer CT scans to decrease my radiation exposure because they feel I’m relatively low risk for recurrence and they believe physical exams and blood work are just as likely to catch it if it does return. So, also good news. And, I got my port removed (a little mouse-shaped device on my chest that I received treatment and had blood draws through)…this is months ahead of schedule and I’m so happy to have it out! So, overall good news all around.

Lately my cancer journey has made me think about priorities and being happy now – not in months or years from now, not because of the things I might have in the future, every day, now. I have a greater sense of urgency to do the things I want to do sooner, rather than later, and to focus on the activities that energize me. I’m still trying to figure it all out and decide what happiness looks like for me. And, I think what makes me happy will change over time. For now, feeling rested and healthy (eating well and exercising), spending as much time as I can with the people who support me, traveling and having new experiences, and pursuing my passions are at the top of my  list…yes, it is a long list. So, I’ve been trying to listen more to my gut feelings and let them guide me to what makes me feel most fulfilled. Sometimes that means working on jewelry and other times, it is working on a blog post. Some nights its going to the gym (we do martial arts here) or staying in and doing yoga (Yoga with Adriene rocks). Some nights, it is a glass of wine, a cocktail, or a brownie and ice cream with my hubby. More than ever, I think life is about finding the right balance…and by right, I mean the one that works for you and makes you feel most fulfilled with where you are at that time in your life. So, while we all have responsibilities, try to do what makes you happy as much as you can!

Thanks for reading!