Wide Legs, Crop Tops, & Transitions

black wide leg and pink turban

crop top and pink head wrap

pink chemo turban

blazer with wide leg pant

short hair with crop top and blazer

crop top wide legs and short hair

wide leg trouser and zip back top

blush black and cream with snake sandal

Top: Forever 21 – similar here ($7!), here (night out), or here (love but splurge); Blazer: H&M – similar here; Pants: Chelsea 28 (Nordstrom) – similar here, here or here (splurge but on sale); Pumps – Vince Camuto – similar here (steal), here (pricey), or here (major splurge); Sandals: Dolce Vita; Long Earrings: Kendra Scott; Studs: J.Crew – similar here

I thought today I’d share two versions of this outfit. With the turban is how I wore it to my sweet friend Julia’s (if you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should) bridal shower back in April, the weekend after my second chemo session. And, how I wore it to work last week, with a blazer and fun sandals. I love the versatility and polish of these pants and am looking forward to styling them in so many ways.

And, yes, I have hair! It is short and sticks out funny in places, but it is a full head of hair! It has taken me 3 months since my last treatment to grow this long. Since my last posts I’ve been thinking a lot about the transitions from being a chemo patient to getting back to real life. Life honestly seems pretty normal – which is really great! I’m getting into a routine and I no longer feel like everyone who looks at me knows I recently finished chemo. But, I also don’t want anyone reading this and looking at these photos thinking I had some miraculous recovery and my life is perfect now. Like most blogs, photos only show the good stuff.

The reality is, each day there are really tough moments. There are moments when I think about the past few months and cry, and times when I think about the uncertainty of the future and cry. There are frustrating moments, like when I put a shirt on and realize my port is showing, or get out of my chair at work and feel like an old lady with major joint pain, or wake up in the middle of the night with a hot flash. But there are also happy times, like seeing a full set of eyelashes again, looking in the mirror at a full head of hair, and feeling incredibly proud of myself for getting back into the swing of life. So I guess you could say it is bit of an emotional roller coaster. But, life is what you make of it and I’ve been trying not to have expectations about how I should feel, emotionally or physically. I just put one foot in front of the other, move forward, and try to make the most of every moment, even the tough ones.

Thanks for reading!