Vanilla Pomegranate Sparkler

Vanilla Vodka Pomegranate and Asti Cocktail

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Vanilla Pomegranate Sparkler Recipe

Vanilla Pomegranate Sparkler NYE

Its Cocktail Time!! This Vanilla Pomegranate Sparkler is one of my favorite holiday cocktails. It goes down easy, but has a kick to it, so be careful. Because I’ve only made it for parties and wanted an even distribution, I prepare the complete cocktail in a pitcher, but you could always mix the vanilla vodka with the pomegranate juice and top each glass with sparkling wine. To simplify, its 2 parts pomegranate juice to 1 part vanilla vodka, with about 3 oz of bubbly for each serving. We added a pomegranate ice cube to each glass for a little something extra. I personally use Asti Spumante because of the sweetness, but any lighter sparkling wine would work great! Enjoy!

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