Individual Hot Buttered Rum Cocktails

cocktailMar 27 2015

Spiced Hot Buttered Rum Cocktails

Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

Spiced Rum Cocktail

Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail

Spiced Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail Recipe

Hot Buttered Rum
Jigger; Glass Bottle for Syrup (8.5oz); Cinnamon; Slate Board

Since we’re still having chilly nights but we’re getting into spring, I’ve traded in my spiked hot cocoa for something a tiny bit lighter, but still capable of warming me up – hot buttered rum. When I was searching for a recipe, I had a lot trouble finding one for individual servings and not 8-12 people. So, I created my own. You can surely use brown sugar, but it will make it a little grainier than simple syrup. I did the following for my simple syrup: 1/2 cup Sugar in the Raw (or other demarara or turbinado sugar), 3/4 cup brown sugar, 1 cup water, bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved and mixture thickens slightly. I used brown sugar only because I ran out of Sugar in the Raw. Use whatever you have, all brown sugar, all raw sugar, a mixture of the two, it all works.

I combined the simple syrup and spiced rum. Added a dash of cinnamon. Topped with water (I heated mine in a pyrex measuring cup in the microwave so it was easy to pour into each glass). Then added a small bit of butter and fresh grated nutmeg. Give it a little stir, and it is ready to enjoy!

The butter will solidify as it cools, just pop the whole thing in the microwave, heat and stir (yes, I took the metal handle off my cups before putting them in the microwave). Just note, if you heat the cocktail too much once the rum is added, you will burn off the alcohol. Hope you enjoy a mug to keep you warm until spring decides to finally arrive!

Thanks for reading!