DIY Glittered Wine Glasses

DIY Glitter Wine Glasses

Purple Glitter Sponge Painted Wine Glass Do It Yourself

Monogram Glitter Wine Glasses

Mr & Mrs Glitter Wine Glass DIY

With the Italian theme of our bridal shower, I wanted to do something fun with wine glasses. But, I didn’t know exactly what. Of course, enter Pinterest, and this pin, and I knew exactly what to do! Be sure to check out Something Turquoise, she has some awesome DIY ideas!


How To for the glitter burst wine glasses:

  • Wash & Dry all of your glasses. Dampen a rag with Rubbing Alcohol and wipe the outside surface of each wine glass. Let Dry.
  • Put a silver dollar sized amount of paint onto a piece of waxed paper. Dab your sponge in the paint, then start blotting it onto your glass. I found it easier to turn my class upside down while doing this part. Repeat as often as you need to cover about 2/3 of the glass. The glitter paint does clump a little bit, but just keep dabbing to spread it.
  • Let the first coat dry about 1 hour, then repeat with a second coat.
  • Let dry and cure for 21 days. The glitter paints cannot be heat cured.

A few of my thoughts: I was initially disappointed in the appearance of these, especially with how the glitter clumps when the paint is wet. However, as they dried, and once I flipped them right side up, they looked much better. And, once wine was in the glasses, the sparkle looked great!

How To for the Mr. & Mrs. Wine Glasses:

  • Prep wine glasses as above (wash, dry, wipe surface with rubbing alcohol). Place your letters on your glasses where you want them. I started the top of each letter about 1 1/2 - 2 inches from the top of the glass.
  • Place painters tape about 1/2 inch outside of your letters on all sides, creating a rectangle. I wish there were an easy way to do it, but you really just have to eye it to make sure it is straight.
  • Load your sponge with glitter paint and apply directly over letters, making sure all parts are covered. Let dry 1 hour, then reapply a 2nd coat.
  • I let the paint dry for 1 day before removing the letters and tape. This was probably a mistake and I should have tried to remove the letters and tape before the paint was fully dry. One complication I had, is that my stickers were traditional paper-backed stickers, so the layers of the sticker peeled apart as I attempted to remove them. I would recommend using a plastic sticker (if you can find them), and I think this issue would be avoided. Also, because my paint was fully dry, I used a razor blade to cut around the stickers and the edge of the tape so that all of the paint did not peel away as I peeled the stickers and tape off.
  • After removing stickers and tape, use rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip to remove and excess glitter or straighten any uneven lines.
  • If any paint peeled off that was no supposed to, use a toothpick to reapply the missing paint.
  • Let dry for 21 days.

With regards to curing the glasses. Apparently after 21 days they are supposed to be dishwasher safe.  After the bridal shower, I was told by one of the guests who popped them in the dishwasher that night, that the glasses are not in fact dishwasher safe and a lot of the glitter came off in the dishwasher. So, my recommendation, hand wash if you want them to stay nice.

As for time, it took my mom and I (once again, couldn’t have done it without her!) about 3 hours each night, over the course of two evenings.  If it were one person, I would estimate 12 hours total for 40 glitter burst wine glasses, plus 2 monogram glasses. The monogram glasses definitely take a little longer.

Hope this gives you some great ideas! If you have any questions, tips, or tricks, feel free to email:

Thanks for reading!