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I’m back with Strawberry Lemonade Pitcher Cocktails

With the summer winding down, I figured there was no better way to start back on the blog than with the perfect summertime cocktail to help you enjoy your the last few outdoor get togethers with friends. It is light and sweet and takes advantage of all the fresh strawberries you can pick up at your next trip to the farmers market. And with the ...

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Bite the Bulleit Cocktail

Glasses; Jigger; Straws Is anybody else wishing it was Friday already? I must say, it has been a rough week. On top of the typical work stuff (which is why I don’t usually share a ton of personal stuff around here), my sister had surgery this week. She is doing well now, so most of the worrying is over! But, I’m one of those people ...

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Individual Hot Buttered Rum Cocktails

Jigger; Glass Bottle for Syrup (8.5oz); Cinnamon; Slate Board Since we’re still having chilly nights but we’re getting into spring, I’ve traded in my spiked hot cocoa for something a tiny bit lighter, but still capable of warming me up – hot buttered rum. When I was searching for a recipe, I had a lot trouble finding ...

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Strawberry Lillet Rosé Cocktail

Cocktail Glasses; Syrup Bottle (8oz); Slate Board If you’re in need of a yummy pre-dinner Valentine’s Day cocktail, this one is perfect! I’ve heard a lot about Lillet in recent months and as we searched for wedding cocktails, I found a Lillet Rosé cocktail with gin and rose simple syrup that seemed perfect and romantic for ...

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Vanilla Espresso Martini

 Martini Glasses: Crate & Barrel; Raw Honey: Amazon; Shaker: Bed Bath & Beyond For our honeymoon we did an adventurous road trip through New Zealand followed by relaxation and diving in Fiji. We took a ton of photos while we were there, and I’m hoping to share them here in the near future. As with most things around here, its ...

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