Bite the Bulleit Cocktail

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Bourbon Pomegranate Cocktail Recipe

Glasses; Jigger; Straws

Is anybody else wishing it was Friday already? I must say, it has been a rough week. On top of the typical work stuff (which is why I don’t usually share a ton of personal stuff around here), my sister had surgery this week. She is doing well now, so most of the worrying is over! But, I’m one of those people that worries about all the possible things that can go wrong. And, with my sister and my mom being my two best friends, any little thing that seems wrong when it comes to them makes me worry even more. Maybe its also my line of work, being a lawyer, we’re risk averse and try to think of all the possible negative outcomes so we can guard against them. Maybe its that I practice in personal injury and so I get a lot of phone calls about all the things that can go wrong when family members have to go to the hospital, which often times are just known risks. I’m not sure what the exact reasons are that it took such a toll on me this week, but I must say, I could definitely use a cocktail! So, on to the cocktail!

This was the second wedding cocktail we served, hence the name we gave it – Bite the Bulleit. This one was created by our wonderful catering company, Food for Thought. Our other signature cocktail can be seen in my post here. I’m not sure if this is the exact recipe our caterer used, but my version seems pretty close. It is similar to a Manhattan, but with the Pomegranate Soda to give it that little something extra and sweeten it up instead of just a cherry. You could surely use a rye whiskey other then Bulleit, but it is a good easy drinking rye at a reasonable price point and one that I like to use the my old fashioned cocktails (I’m hoping to share that recipe in the fall…it’ll keep you toasty in the cooler temps).

Hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend and enjoy a cocktail! Thanks for reading!