Hi! Thanks so much for visiting! I’m Tiffany, a Chicago attorney , trying to find a way to make my life in the law stylish. I started this blog because I needed a creative outlet to give me a break from the long hours and constant adversarial nature of the day job. I found myself checking personal style blogs when I needed a mental refresher at work. While I loved what I saw, there were very few outfits I could actually wear to the office or the courtroom (of course, now I’ve found tons of blogs that I gather courtroom inspiration from). And so, Style Sidebar began!

And, how did ‘Style Sidebar’ get its name?  Sidebar is the legal term for both the area of the courtroom where attorneys can speak to the judge outside the presence of a witness or the jury, as well as the term for the conversation itself. As in “Judge, may I approach the bench for a sidebar to discuss the great shoes opposing counsel is wearing?” Well, something like that! And of course, what would my days in the courtroom be without a little style?

Thankfully, I don’t spend every day in the courtroom and, I’m fortunate to work in a casual office. But, this means my wardrobe requires a lot of diversity with pieces that are classic and that I can mix and match, but that are anything but boring. As a recent law school graduate, that means I also live on a budget, so I try to find inspiration in restyling the pieces I already own in my closet.

Every now and then, I just might share recipes, vacations, DIY crafts, and because I’m recently married, wedding related posts! Thanks for coming along on my journey inside and outside of the courtroom! Please leave a comment – I’d love to get to know a little more about you, too!

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